Exogene Announces Strategic Collaboration with Immunocore To Engineer T-Cell Receptors Using Artificial Intelligence

4th March, 2024

Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM. Exogene, a pioneer in the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for T-cell receptor (TCR) engineering, has entered into a research collaboration with industry leader Immunocore Holdings plc (NASDAQ: IMCR), a commercial-stage biotechnology company pioneering and delivering transformative immunomodulating medicines to radically improve outcomes for patients with cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Exogene has developed a computational platform to rapidly affinity-enhance TCRs for TCR-based therapies, that combines generative AI for TCR generation, biophysical simulations to refine the TCRs in silico, and high-throughput TCR display technologies and biophysical assays in the lab to validate the AI-generated TCRs experimentally. 

Exogene is excited to announce a research collaboration with TCR therapy industry leader Immunocore, developer of a novel class of TCR-based bispecific treatments for oncology, infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases using their proprietary ImmTAX technology. The purpose of the collaboration is to accelerate the discovery of high-affinity TCRs, with a vision to ultimately accelerate the development of TCR-based bispecific therapies across multiple targets and indications. 

As part of the agreement, Immunocore will share with Exogene one of its proprietary cancer-associated peptide-HLA targets and a wild-type TCR template. Exogene will deploy its AI-based TCR affinity enhancement technology on the target and template to generate novel high-affinity TCRs.

“TCR affinity enhancement is key to generating therapeutically active TCR-based bispecifics, a process that often takes 12-18 months using conventional lab approaches. We’re excited to showcase our AI-based TCR affinity enhancement technology with Immunocore and significantly reduce the time and lab work required to generate lead TCR candidates. Our partnership with Immunocore serves as a testament to the potential of our technology and our shared vision to transform patient outcomes with TCR-based therapies.” said Dr Federico Paoletti, CEO of Exogene.

This initial collaboration not only serves as a proof-of-concept for Exogene’s technology but also lays the groundwork for potential future projects across additional targets.

About Exogene

Exogene is a T-cell receptor (TCR) engineering company using AI to discover high-affinity, cancer-specific TCRs and develop TCR-based therapies in the solid tumour space. Its technology combines generative AI, biophysical simulations and high-throughput TCR screening in the lab to discover therapeutically relevant TCRs and develop TCR-based therapies. Exogene is based in Oxford, UK.

For more information visit https://exogene.co.uk/.