Cell Therapies
for Cancer

AI-Powered Discovery of T-Cell-Receptor-Based Cancer Immunotherapies


In-house generation of massive TCR-target interaction datasets using cutting-edge
high-throughput screening techniques


In silico predictions of TCR-target interactions through deep learning models trained on our proprietary datasets


Discovery of novel tumour targets shared across patients and safe and effective target-specific TCRs

Our team

Federico Paoletti


PhD in Molecular and Computational Oncology (University of Oxford, UK) and deep expertise in mathematical modelling and molecular biophysics. Previously worked at the World Health Organisation assessing cancer prevention strategies.

Andrea Mambrini


PhD in Bio-Inspired Computation (University of Birmingham, UK) and several years of hands-on experience building cutting-edge AI software tools across the space, media, automotive and marketing industries.

Amanda Woon

Head of Cell biology

PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Monash University, Australia).  Experienced cell biologist with complementary  skills in biochemistry, proteomics and immunology. Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge in TCR-target interactions from previous industry and academic roles, including antigen target discovery, characterisation of TCRs and pre-clinical development of TCR bi-specifics for the treatment of cancers and infectious diseases.

Bowen Tian

Head of Protein Science

PhD in Drug Discovery (University College London, UK).  Expert in biochemistry and protein purification in the immuno-oncology space. Bowen has industry experience in TCR discovery, CAR discovery, and pre-clinical development of TCR bi-specifics for the treatment of cancers and infectious diseases. He also has a background in nanoparticle development for drug delivery through a prior Wellcome Trust Fellowship at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Ricardo Fernandes

Scientific Advisor

Principal Investigator  at University of Oxford. World expert in  wet-lab methods for high-throughput screening of TCR-target pairs. Published in high-profile journals such as Nature Immunology, Cell and PNAS.

Alasdair Thong

Commercial Advisor

Founding partner at Selvedge Venture. Ex-director of deep-tech venture investments at Leaps for Bayer. Extensive experience negotiating and managing AI-driven co-development partnerships in the biopharmaceutical industry.




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Oxford BioEscalator, Innovation Building, Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7FZ, United Kingdom