Cell Therapies
for Cancer

AI-Powered Discovery of T-Cell-Receptor-Based Cancer Immunotherapies


In-house generation of massive TCR-target interaction datasets using cutting-edge
high-throughput screening techniques


In silico predictions of TCR-target interactions through deep learning models trained on our proprietary datasets


Discovery of novel tumour targets shared across patients and safe and effective target-specific TCRs

Our Team


Federico is a computational biologist with deep expertise in mathematical modelling and molecular biophysics. He holds a PhD in Molecular and Computational Oncology from the University of Oxford and has previously worked at the World Health Organization assessing cancer prevention strategies.

Federico Paoletti

CEO & Co-Founder


Andrea is an experienced machine learning scientist. He holds a PhD in Bio-Inspired Computation and has several years of experience building AI. He previously led the ML team at Portent.io (acquired by Yougov) and has worked at the European Space Agency, Honda Research Institute and Vodafone.

Andrea Mambrini

CTO & Co-Founder


Amanda is an experienced immunologist with expertise in protein science and cell biology. She holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Monash University (Australia) and she has previously developed TCR bi-specifics for the treatment of cancers and infectious diseases at Immunocore, a top TCR company.

Amanda Woon

Head of R&D


Ryan is an experienced machine learning scientist with a PhD in Chemistry from Cornell University. He joined Exogene from the machine learning group at Bayer and his recent work there was published at ICML. He previously worked at Intel, and in his spare time he participates in machine learning competitions.

Ryan Henderson

Machine Learning Scientist


Angelos has worked at the interface of science and business. He was previously a Project Manager at Multiomic Health, a precision medicine company developing assets for metabolic syndrome. He also evaluates deep-tech startups at Selvedge Venture, and previously did research in cancer biology and autoimmunity.

Angelos Spiliopoulos

Chief of Staff


Amy has 10+ years of experience working as a senior laboratory technician. She brings extensive logistic experience in running and scaling wet-labs, together with hands-on lab skills. She worked as Lab Operations Specialist at Exscientia and as Senior Lab Technician at Sharp Life Science.

Amy Hall

Lab Operations Manager


Hendry is a biomedical scientist with research experience in cancer and developmental biology. He previously worked for CyanoCapture, an award-winning decarbonisation start-up where he applied cellular and molecular techniques to novel organisms.

Hendry Lo

Research Assistant


Ricardo is a world expert in wet-lab methods for high-throughput screening of TCR-target pairs. He is a Principal Investigator at the University of Oxford and he has published in high-profile journals such as Nature Immunology, Cell and PNAS.

Ricardo Fernandes

Scientific Advisor


Alasdair has extensive experience negotiating and managing AI-driven co-development partnerships in the biopharmaceutical industry. He is a Founding Partner at Selvedge Venture and former director of deep-tech venture investments at Leaps by Bayer.

Alasdair Thong

Commercial Advisor






Oxford BioEscalator, Innovation Building, Old Road Campus, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford, OX3 7FZ, United Kingdom